What is SDBN’s approach to ESG?

ESG factors are intrinsic to SDBN’s business.


SDBN has virtually no environmental impact.

It is a resilient business because it is simple, so its operations are lean and efficient. SDBN’s main energy consumption comes from carbon emissions through international flights, although minimal, and server hosting, deliberately placed in green hosting locations, Circular Centers, and without compromising data security. SDBN’s overall energy consumption can be compared to medium-large household.


SDBN core function contributes to the stability and sustainability of the financial system and therefore to a wide range of stakeholders and society more broadly. Financial stability underpins economic development, employment, financial inclusion and social cohesion.


The directors of SDBN are aligned with and committed to the mission and founding principles of SDBN.

SDBN’s ESG principles are described in the 2020 annual report:

As we added volumes, operations continued to perform flawlessly: our systems’ design, implementation and daily execution proved robust and effective. This makes us confident that beyond the commercial value proposition that we offer our Clients, we continue to deliver consistent, reliable liquidity. The operational excellence is made possible by SDBN’s team which has shown exceptional commitment, adaptability, and breadth of execution capability. This lean core team is supported by an industry-leading group of external service providers and an active, diverse Board.

It has been the dedication, thoughtfulness, perseverance and enthusiasm of our employees, service providers and Board that made the expansion into Europe possible. Alongside these Stakeholders, we are fortunate to have the engaged support and solid backing of our Shareholders. We trust that together with our Clients, SDBN will establish its place as a differentiated solution to manage and diversify liquid cash balances for the stability of the financial ecosystem in which we all live.